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A #Totoro and Chibi Totoro to call my own.

A #Totoro and Chibi Totoro to call my own.

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Experimenting With Makeup : “The Fourth Be With You” Edition 

When I made my first Shiro Cosmetics order a couple months back, I received a freebie of the eye shadow, “The Fourth Be With You”. I am typically quite tame when it comes to eye shadow colour use so this bright green definitely isn’t something I would of picked out for myself initially but today I was determined to make it work and I am so happy with what I ended up with!


Pretty nifty eh?! I think it brings out my eyes.


Here all the products I used to obtain this makeup look.

I first started off with applying The Face Shop’s Aqua Tinted BB Cream in light beige to my entire face. I then followed some Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eye lids. Next I filled in my brows with MAC’s Charcoal Brown. (Which, by the way, is absolutely amazing! I just started filling in my brows this year and I used the Anastasia Brow Pen to start off. However, I thought it was too dark and looked unnatural. MAC’s Charcoal Brown is a complete different story and it blends in nicely with my brows!)


Now for the star of the show! I applied Shiro Cosmetics’s “The Fourth Be With You” all over my lids with dabbing motions to ensure the best colour pay off. 


In the inner corners of my eyes, I applied “Verve” and in the crease, I applied “Pistol”, both of which are from the Urban Decay Naked 2 eye shadow palette. To finish off the eyes, I made a wing with the Dollywink Liquid eyeliner and put a coat of Covergirl’s Clump Crusher mascara.


On my lips, I put Duwop’s Just Bitten Lullaby lipstick (Does anyone know of a possible dupe of this colour? It is a limited edition unfortunately!) and then finished off the whole look with Physician’s Formula blush in “Blushing Peach” on my cheeks. And voila, that’s it! Definitely will bring this look out to play again in the near future.

Darling I can’t have it any other way

Really love the tracks off of spazzkid’s EP, Promise, that was released about a month ago. It’s a very upbeat and dare I say it, kawaii! Makes you want to get up and dance a happy dance in your room. But “Truly” is definitely my favourite track featuring some locals from Sarah Bonito.

If you already don’t listen to spazzkid, you should seriously look this fella up. Happy listening.

Thrupence - Don’t You Mind
Listening to some tracks on The Hype Machine to find some new things to listen to. And this one is definitely an instant love.

It’s Saturday night! Time to pop some bottles and get turnt up. Holla.

Nah just kidding guys, I’m going to watch some Sword Art Online and Sailor Moon Crystal on Crunchyroll. I’ll leave that other stuff for when I get back to Waterloo.

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@these-harmonies-are-melodic said: 

We are our own worst critics. However, you have nothing to be worried about, your singing is lovely and your guitar playing sounds fine! (Your makeup is also on point, as an added bonus.) So fill up that binder, learn those songs and have fun! :)

Thanks for your kind words. I’ll have to fill that binder up soon as I move back to Waterloo and have access to my printer!!

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A Blip of a Cover and Musings on Music as a Hobby and Runs

Not going to lie: I go through serious periods of musical confidence and unconfidence and lately I’ve been in the latter. But sometimes I listen to some previous recordings and then I realize that I have been too critical of myself.

Often when I go for runs, a lot of positive thinking and brainstorming occurs in my head (which vouches on the importance of exercise: It’s not all about have a rocking body my friends!) I feel powerful and the creative juices just start flowing. Recently the subject matter of these “brain blasts”, have been ideas of mini projects I could do to practice coding or that some day I’d love to rappel down the side of a cliff (I’m absolutely terrified of heights!) But on my last run, I got thinking about music being a hobby of mine. 

I think that something that I am supposed to be doing for fun, which in this case is singing and playing guitar, I am instead getting more caught up in the:

Which in my case has just removed the fun out of playing when get in these unconfident phases. So my challenge to myself is to stop all of that nonsense and just sing and play guitar! This is solely for fun, nothing else! In efforts to put this challenge in action, I have a binder that I am going to fill up with songs that I enjoy playing or I want to learn so they are readily available for playing at home or just taking to an open mic and playing a song on the fly! This will also solve the “I have a guitar in my hand but I can’t think of any songs to play” problem I tend to encounter.

Anyways, I have included a short blip of a cover of Norah Jones’, “She’s 22”, that I recorded to see what it sounded like when I played. I intend to upload a full cover on my YouTube channel…eventually! 

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